Not sure about this man

Probably should let him go without further communication but I hate to give up!

He told me so little about himself, maybe there’s little to tell, he said his life was uneventful compared to my stories, but I wonder what he wasn’t telling.

I gave him my number so we could text each other because that worked so well with Colorado man, even while he lived here we would text rather than call.

So this morning I get a text that says “I am such a big boy, Kate’s big boy”…..

damn, not what I expected!!! What is this?

He says “ it’s humor, if your searching for an exit, put it out there I’m a big boy.”

I’m wondering what kind of man he is and told him that was not what I had in mind when I offered to communicate with him. What do you think.



So this is actually the second time he has told me to go, it’s as though he doesn’t expect anyone to stick around. Almost a challenge.

So I texted him that I’m not interested in junkyard conversation and would only continue with a clean and decent minded man, so there we are.

Another failed contact. This may be a waste of time, hoping to find a companion at this stage may be futile, sometimes I wish I had never begun looking,

Odd, he is no longer on the site, too strange so I’ve blocked him from my phone and that’s the end of that story.

End of all stories in blue