Don’t call me your girlfriend

I’m not your girl, haven’t been a “girl” for many years, I’m in my 80th year for gods sake, and girlfriend sounds silly to my ears.

“So what should I call you” he says.

I suggested partner, but this can be /is confusing as it can be used for male or female, I just say ‘my guy’ if asked, you could say my ‘lady friend’ ‘my gal” seems okay too. “mi mujer’ is used in Panama, but that always sounded like a possession to me, my woman.

So what do you think, how should One (me) be addressed in this day and age…..age important, maybe not too much

Don’t call me ‘your old lady ‘ and expect anything nice from me! I have called you a ‘weird old man’ but not out loud…..I don’t think so, Sorry.

I guess he could say ‘my woman ‘ with a smile and probably get a smile in return, or a grin o r maybe a smack across the head, depending on my mood, and circumstances of the moment and If I am present when the saying is said.

I’m not referring to anyone as my boyfriend …ever.

I’m thinking about a tattoo. My granddaughter has some beauties. Not sure where I’d put one, I have to consider gravity. What part on my body is least likely to sag? That rules out some choice spaces, will think on it.

Looks like we are in for some hot weather, means I’ll have to get up very early, 5am early to walk and water my plants and garden before the sun and the wind dries everything, even my petunias are struggling, so far the garden looks pretty good in the morning but by afternoon it’s all droopy fatigue until I can water again.

Well I expected to be asleep right now, it’s midnight, but it looks like my restless legs will keep me up for awhile, I’m eating pretzels dipped in Nutella, and if the legs keep me awake awhile longer I’ll clean the fridge.

We took a long ride up into the mountains on Wednesday. It was my guy’s birthday, so we celebrated by getting out of the heat for the day. What a beautiful place, no smoke, no wind and 80 degrees (it was 103 in Caballo.) the park was closed due to fire risk. We’d love to stay up there for the summer if we could, but we didn’t find many rv parks close to town. The town is very cute, small shops, I bought a tee shirt.

And I am nobodies girlfriend!

9 thoughts on “Don’t call me your girlfriend

  1. “Boyfriend”, “Girlfriend” are terms for teenagers! After only three months, and without serious commitment yet, maybe “friend” has to suffice for now. One day at a time….
    We are enjoying the cool weather, in Ontario, Canada, right now. Hate to head back to the record breaking heat in Texas; but, after three weeks of being away, I am anxious to get back home!

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  2. I agree. Girlfriend at this stage of life is ridiculous. How about My Love or My Companion? Mi Amiga?

    Peace Joy and Happiness


  3. I’m glad that you had a great time in the mtns.
    It’s so hot here and Humid.
    At least you don’t have that., but be honest, when it’s that hot, you just want to get inside , with the air conditioning.
    About what to call you.????
    What ever……
    Enjoy yourselves
    Every day is precious.


  4. I agree too. “This is my friend, Kathy” makes you special. When you say “my guy” it makes him more special. (Whose counting)
    If he said “this is my lady”, it might indicate a stronger relationship on both sides.
    It is complicated in a world where you want to keep it simple? Or,
    maybe I have been sitting in the heat in my rocking chair a little too long.
    I am happy for you as an artist selling your pieces for higher prices. Do you have a new project in mind? Thinking about you. Have a fun trip to see family. I hope to see you soon. Peace. Shari


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