Today We Can’t See the Mountains for Smoke!

It is this bad here, I am very sorry for people living closer to the fires.


The air cleaned up temporarily and the wind stopped blowing long enough for us to have apark get together the other day.

the Neighbors!

One thought on “Today We Can’t See the Mountains for Smoke!

  1. So sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the fire situation.
    Are the fires close to you,??
    Or is it mostly the smoke??
    My friends in Colorado have had fires close to them, even in Colorado Springs.
    I know what it feels like, we had a terrible fire when I lived there, you feel like you can’t breathe, not good at 9300 fr.
    Your garden looks like its about to break loose!!
    Did the lady who owns the camp suggest when your friend might find a space.
    I’m finding it very boring not being able to walk more than15 min outside,because of my hip.
    I very had to change my Big Band music to all classical, because if it has a beat I want to dance.
    Enjoy every minute.


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