Wind, Fire, Heat, Our Mother is Angry!

We have treated her so badly, when will we learn? is it too late?

For my grandchildren and great grands and the universe I hope we figure it out soon.

All is good here in Caballo, no close fires, but the air is full of allergens. Spring is here with all the blooming trees, yea, my eyes and nose for the first time ever are uncomfortable and weepy.

And the wind beats my plants and garden up. We have tried a few things, covering up with plastic sheeting wasn’t real successful, the wind tore it up, we just got another fabric-like stuff with clips and will try that next, when the wind drops later today, always hopeful.

Charley has been barking more than usual, that is troublesome. I hate to do this but he needs to learn not to bark when we get ready for a walk, the whole park knows when it’s time to go to the park which is when he is most noisy, so I got a bark collar from amazon made in China and the instructions are impossible to decifer, I hope JP can figure it out for me because it makes no sense! Only want to use it to teach him, I don’t want to scare him, wish me luck!

JP is still across the street, we’ve thought of so many ways to get him in here but I’m reluctant to go to her as I think she has some issues, she 84, and I could make it worse. Latest idea is to offer cash in advance, might try that!

Usually the wind is not so great until afternoon, so I get up early to clean my patio and water plants and garden, then the wind starts and undoes my work so I can get up early and do it all again the next morning. The exercise keeps me slim with sunswept dry skin, am using sunscreen but even my wrinkles are tan! We are eating almost only vegetables and berries and beer. So healthy, we want to live a long time!

And living very good for two old foggies living in separate but equal-ish spaces which we plan to keep as is, we both value our time and quiet space and like to choose when we want to spend time together, eat together, listen to music and cuddle.

Notice how many we’s are in here?

All Good!

4 thoughts on “Wind, Fire, Heat, Our Mother is Angry!

  1. ENJOY Kate. Your garden is
    beautiful. Where did the peach tree go? Hope June weather doesn’t fry our beans & squash like last summer.
    I’m not sure CJ is going to change her mind. You are going to have to directly ask her. When Brooke & Valli leave the end of May. That spot will be open. ASK. At least you’ll find out.

    Good to see you & JP enjoying each other. That’s what its about.

    Peace Joy and Happiness

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  2. So good to hear from you.
    I love the we.
    Here in Austin we are having the hottest May on record.
    August temp., 100 almost every day, humidity off the charts, and lots of wind.
    I had to have the screws removed from my hip due to pain, I didn’t know they could do that.
    That was the 5th May, had to stay overnight, today I have the staples out.
    In the meantime I had to have my beloved Tasha put to sleep.
    It’s not been a good time.
    She was my perfect wolf dog, so gentle, loving and sweet until the end.?
    My home in Colorado is having fires, the church in Woodland Park is getting continuous up dates.
    The fire is closest to Cripple Creek
    It has burned 1400 acres 15 / contained..
    I’m so happy for you both, just goes to show, plan with your gut, and don’t take other peoples advice.
    Keep in touch.
    Love ya.


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