I heard myself say the other day,

we were doing something together and stopped mid sentence to smile, we have become a we! I love this man! We are so good together, but I won’t bore you with lovers details just some of the good stuff happening in GG., like my new cooking space!

I need to change the back splash but now I have more counter space and we’ll get that finished up easily, we love it! He loves to fix things, He he’s updated my electrical outlets, now I can cook more than one thing at a time without tripping anything and losing power, this is great and now I’ll learn to cook on this new cooktop whose indicators are unusual, and the instructions interesting, yes, made in China, nutrichef dual induction cooktop with a fry function,steam function and water function, all have 8 temperatures, how they actually differ will be investigated as I learn to use it.

That’s not all that’s happening with GG, my resined table looks great and stuff has been reorganized yet again, I love it, and Spring is finally here, the land is greening up, my garden and plants look good and all those seeds I’ve planted are starting to peak thru the soil. I’m hopeful! We’ve had some very strong winds recently and fires but thankfully so far we ve been lucky to just have our stuff tossed about, no fires close by.

I’m looking for sazón Goya con culantro y achiote. I don’t remember where I bought it but I added it to a dish that I took for Easter lunch and it turned out yummy , it gives the food a beautiful color, must get more, thought they’d have it at a store in Hatch but no, guess it’s not a Mexican food ingredient. Maybe Walmart, or Texas. We are eating so healthfully, purely vegetables fruit and fish, we want to live and enjoy life for a long time!… oh and vino!

Studio looks different, I’ll update soon, we’re going to add another loft on the other side to store art supplies.

My man still lives across the road, annoying situation but we manage to spend much of our time together and try not to wake anyone with our comings and goings. Still, annoying.

Ciao, having fun here!