It’s True, Life is Good

When I’m happy I find no time to write here, and I’ve been very happy, satified and content for the past month!

Not sure when that happened before!

I wasn’t sad or unhappy I just didn’t know better and then the happiness factor  kicked in with the arrival of my good friend and lover John Paul.  We are like two peas in a pod, we like the same music, read the same books, admire the same people and always respect each other’s memories. The heck with politics!

The fact that he still lives across the road is irritating but I still hope that Cj will come across for us, the fact that he is not already here is just plain stupid and she is not a stupid woman, a little difficult and not always kind but she is the owner and can do whatever serves her purpose.

We had been working…, John Paul (JP from now on here) has been working and fixing stuff that don’t work right or at all.  He fixed the lights outside in the patio, moves shelves in the studio for me to make it more pleasant to work in,  We replaced the table in GG so now we can sit and have a nice meal, the red resin looks great on the table, we had our first meal on it last night.

Our only plan is to  live this last decade having fun, and not let the world around us interfere too much in our lives.

He has a better bed than I do, and a better stove and an awning on his rig,and a beard and I have a better site, a studio, GG , Charley and a garden.

I cook on only one burner and my multipurpose oven.  We’ve planned a better kitchen set up for me, another burner, oh my, does that mean I’ll have to learn to cook?  I’ve had this great excuse for lazy cooking, I can only cook one thing at a time or blow a fuse.  He knows electric power limitations on RV’s and will probably solve that problem and then I’ll be able to produce a meal of more than one course!

He also gave me a great haircut, such a talented man.,


Live every day, have no regrets!


7 thoughts on “It’s True, Life is Good

  1. It is just so nice to hear that you have found love.
    You and Amy are in the same beautiful place. I met Nguyen and Carl and I liked him and I saw they are both happy.
    I can hear it in both your voices- really.

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  2. I feel so happy for you.
    You deserve all the happiness you could possibly manage.
    To hell with politicians they are only there for themselves.
    Love you dear friend.

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