I slept in his bed!

And why is this noteworthy or even appropriate to share?

Because I am an insomniac. Sleep is hard won for me. That’s it, I’m not sharing any more but life is good for these two old folks living across the street from each other.

Today he fixed my speakers I was ready to toss, now good as new and quite a few things around here now actually work as advertised. I think I may has just won something bigger than the lottery, a friend and lover who can fix stuff, and who loves to do “stuff” and loves music and animals and me.

I’ll try to write of other stuff too!

For example I sold a piece of art last week for $425! I was shocked, didn’t remember I had anything at that price in the gallery. I don’t have photos of it but it was on a long wood piece like a totem, very colorful, I’d sent one like it to my grandson, I think I covered it in resin. I painted it a while ago, nice surprise! My peace painting is now in the window, I’m hopeful it will sell well, the price listed is $250.

I’m waiting for evenings to warm up so I can resin the table I’d taken out of the rv as now I’d like to be able to set a table inside. I’m afraid if I rush it the resin won’t set if it’s not warm enough. An unfinished project, and the leg needs replacement, but now I have help to fix it!