Love in the 80’s

What does new love look like in your later years ?

Less ups and downs more smooth and easy moments, hmmm( I said moments not movements). More give and take, less fuss and bother. We have decisions to make, where to live, should I plant a garden or not, what about the studio, move it or sell it. Move into town or stay close by? The woman could expedite all that by simply letting JohnPaul stay here but that isn’t likely to happen so we need to make a plan. I think I’d like to move into town or closer to town so we could be more involved with community activities.

But the biggest decision is whether or not his political beliefs are going to be a huge issue for me, right now they are hard for me to hear or believe that this man is so sure about what he learns on the dark web. I don’t know if I can just ignore this His comments are just deplorable to me and I always ask his sources which he says he reads all kinds of stuff from many sources. So do I but I don’t find the same negative information about the government that he does. I’m sorry that this is such a big deal for me, but my family would be astonished to learn his beliefs and that I’d be ok with it We are all political whether we show it on the outside or not, it defines us in some way whether we like it or not!

So the real question becomes move and lose my good neighbors and the expenses related to a move and be close to him or not move at all? Possibly move later to see how the relationship grows here and wait for an opening here? I’m not sure how much it will cost to move the studio, how much the place we move to will cost us and I have a tax bill to pay . Don’t want to make an expensive decision wrong.


3 thoughts on “Love in the 80’s

  1. Take your time, Kathy! You haven’t spent that much time with John Paul, in my opinion, to make life-altering decisions, due to his presence.

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  2. Sometimes we learn something from viewing things from another person’s perspective.

    Say 2 people are standing opposite each other and a number is between them. 1 sees the #6 & the other see #9. Just because one sees differently, doesn’t make them wrong & you right. It just means you both are seeing it from another perspective. Sometimes we learn new thing by viewing things from another perspective. It takes us outside out comfort level and broadens our perspective.Something to think about.

    Peace Joy and Love



  3. If the relationship becomes long-term you both may decide to keep politics outside of your conversations.
    I don’t know if that would be possible.
    Maybe take your time, keep safe distance but have some fun.
    Why do you have taxes?
    Call me


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