I’m learning more and more about this man, he’s articulate, kind, helpful and all that is negated by one finding.   Politically we are on oposite ends of a long spectrum with no likelihood of understanding each others views.  Some of his are so at odds of how I think that it leads me to question being  able to have a friendship.

I just found this out today listening to him in conversation  with another who agreed with him that the  President Biden  is dead  of a stroke and a look-alike is leading the country.  I asked if he really believed that and he said yes.  I was surprized the other person and apparently others in the community agree this is how the country is being run, by stand-ins.  I do not talk politics with anyone here and the thought of moving grows great.

So now I’ve introduced him to the community so he will have friends here, shown him where to get groceries, the mail and propane.  He chose to move here to get out of the cold and snow and he has done that, I am now not part of the plan,

Now to tell him that, so much easier to tell you here first.  Got thoughts?  He isn’t the one  for me, I knew that right away but thought to be kind, be a friend, introduce him to the area, but now I think I’ve got to make it clear to him that we have some insurmountable differences.  I hate confrontation, unpleasant, maybe I can just slow down my help to him and he’ll understandd without my needing to say anything? Maybe.


4 thoughts on “GASP!

  1. Kathy, you are so very gentle, and kind, that I cannot imagine you not being able to tell him that you don’t see the relationship being other than a friendship, and you are most likely going to be moving soon anyway. Good luck!


  2. This is how you find out if this person is what you want in a friend.
    His decision to move was to go somewhere warm, that should not tie you to him.
    The difference in you political views certainly would make me think twice.
    My friend Connie was very much a Republican, and all that goes with it.
    We walked together almost everyday for 18+ years, in Colorado, we said what we thought, and at the end of the long trek, we were still friends.
    She lives In Buffalo now, we talk almost every day she is very lonely.
    She is in memory care .,we don’t talk about Politics much now, she is Trump fan, and I can’t stand that., but she is already a dear friend.
    I would let him know that your political views make it difficult for you to be anything but neighbors. I certainly wouldn’t
    move out of a place you’ve called home for so long.
    You have other friends there, don’t give that up.
    Looking at your other posts, were you really considering moving???? Don’t be manipulated.
    Love you

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