Future life Planning- happening’s

Colorado man has arrived. His late arrival lost him his place here and CJ was rude to him as she can often be, but no problem, he found a spot across the street and is just fine. He is a sweet man still with a comb over but he compromised and shaved off half of it, just like that. He has a wonderful smile.

Why do I so dislike comb overs? I think it shows a lack of confidence when a man can’t accept the inevitable bald head. I think of a MD I knew, a fine man with a long combover that he didn’t need and would have looked fine without it. But what we woman do to ourselves is no doubt more intensive than any comb over so I should probably keep my thoughts to myself! Besides I think my hair may be thinning.

So my man is here. What next? We’ll be friends I’m sure, we’ll learn more about each other, to see if we like each other, as we see each other in person rather than via texts. We’ll meet the gang here in the park, I sense a lot of curiosity in the campground and Sunday we’ll go to a brunch across the street where he’ll be introduced as a friend from Colorado and we’ll go from there,. Is he “the one”? Time will tell.

I have another man to meet who lives in NM, so not so difficult to set up a lunch with next week. He is a man very actively looking at my profile so I’m complicating my life but what to do, it’s my next chapter , I’m planning my future, as they are theirs.