Interesting Feedback & Thanks

An offer of a place to live for as long as I wish by a friend and advice to engage another female to share expenses by another.

But, I’m not just looking for a house to live in with all the usual appliances.

I want the whole package!

I want to love and be worshiped, isn’t that what everywoman wants really?

A house is only a small part of ones life unless you worship it instead of your relationship, There are some gorgeous rv’s out there where I could cook on four burners and sleep on a bed I don’t have to jump up to to get in and glide down.

So the comfort I’m looking for is not that hard to find, it’s the right man that is hard to find but truly if all I wanted was a house there are plenty of men golfing in Arizona looking for someone like me.

But I want it all the whole package, love and lust, creativity and harmony and lots of fun, and soon! Because you know, I’m getting older every year, and eventually I will have less to offer a man.

I don’t want just any man, I want a man who feels lucky to find me.I don’t know, maybe he’s from Colorado?

Have I shown you this painting? I’m hanging it on my neighbors shed that blocks my view of the mountains so when I walk out of my rv instead of a white shed I see my mountains, I may add some Spring leaves when I actually see some around here. Winter lasts much too long, I long for Spring.

This is what happens longing for Spring, I call it Spring fever but it’s not finished and aready doesn’t look like this, I’ve sanded it so all the other marks I’ve made here show. I thought to add peace symbols here and there, appropriate for our times.