I feel like I’ve been taken for a foolish woman, if you read here regularly you know I am referring to my online dating experience.

At least I have not been asked for money, but money is the issue, or lack of it. He has had one problem after another in his attempts to arrive here to Caballo and I’m not sure his coming here is a good idea if he has trouble paying his way, Even his photos are not really honest as a recent photo shows an unkept man with a comb over and messy beard. My photos were taken when I joined, I have wrinkled skin there is no doubt that I am 79 and looks are not too important when the rest of the story is up front and honest.We never discussed finances, maybe we should so he would know that I have enough for me and Charley and that is all I’ll ever have so he needs to be able to take care of his own finances. He has talked about buying different trucks and campers but I haven’t seen any evidence that he has actually bought anything as the pics are all from internet sources.

My daughter thinks I am too trusting.Perhaps I am. He is very articulate, educated and sent me flowers, I guess that doesn’t mean he is honest, or has good intentions, he has a good story, is it just a story? How does one know if it’s just his story?

What really upsets me is how I let this anxiety affect how I physically feel. I have pain for no good reason other than this anxiety I’m feeling and that makes me mad.

Now I have mistrust and suspicions not a good start for a relationship I’m not sure I want.

I’m sure he will not be happy to read this. He tells me he has a friend to give him money so he will be coming later maybe, I think he should forget about it and try with some one else and I’ll keep looking for an honest man

I don’t know how to make this photo smaller but this is untouched and without makeup me..