Is it a Conundrum?

When you aren’t sure of the proper response? When you have to make choices you should not have to make? What is the kindest response? Or should you just let it go and see what happens?

Yup, its the dating thing, with responses from more than one man. One I almost know, one I’d like to know more and one close enough to get to know. So what to do? Maybe doing nothing is the answer for now. Sit back and let whatever happens for the best, we’re all in the same condition of not knowing who and where our future rests.

Flowers & cards for Valentines day shows a pretty strong interest from one and I know he will arrive one day as he wants to move out of the cold and thinks Caballo NM might be where he wants to live at least part-time. He may be moving a bit too fast for me.

But time is moving in a quick-step and tomorrow I’ll be 79. I’m pretty contented as I am, not even sure I need change or am able to let another person into my life, I guess I’ll find out, maybe.

a conundrum is a situation where there is no clear right answer or no good solution.


3 thoughts on “Is it a Conundrum?

  1. Kate, you are a heads up lady. Kind, considerate and thoughtful. Sometimes the only way around something is right through the middle. In short, be direct & to the point. A question to ask yourself, what is it you are looking for? Are you not satisfied with your life or lifestyle as it is.? Only you have those answers. You will do what you feel is right for you.

    P.S. the flower is gorgeous.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kate. 39 & holding!🤗

    Peace Joy and Love


  2. I wish I was there to just talk , only you can make this decision.
    You alone can take it fast or slow.
    Personally, I suggest slow
    It took a long time to get where you are.
    Happy Birthday
    Love you


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