Back to painting after a lapse

I haven’t felt like painting for awhile, probably because the studio feels cold even though I can turn on the heat. It feels cold that’s not a physical cold more of a psychological cold, difficult to get started because the days are cold and dreary, no plants or flowers nothing but a plant of kale in the garden., But my plants inside the RV look like they will survive the winter and even flourish so I’ll have a head start when Spring finally makes her way to Caballo.

Today I went to pick up a few essentials at Walmart and the seeds are in!,!! When I checked out the woman says “ looks like you’ll have a beautiful garden ,” I bought too many seeds, mostly flowers because I want lots of flowers. Vegetables I’ll buy the plants when they arrive. Last years garden was pretty good for veggies not so good for flowers because of the heat. I need to devise a system of afternoon shade for them this year. Waiting for the ground to not freeze so I can plant. Winter is my least favorite month living in an RV, it gets hard to find what to do in this small space, too easy to do nothing.

I’m still on that dating app, interesting but confusing because of distances. I can’t meet someone for coffee because they are mostly from a different state or more than 60 miles away, few are from NM.

Most of the men are from Arizona or Colorado, a good distance away and they are as old as I am and less likely to travel this far to meet someone they don’t know, same for me.

But there is one man willing to do that and he is coming next week, not only to see me but because he wants to get out of the cold and snow and thinks he’d like to move here. And he’ll be here for my birthday. I’m feeling a little pressure, not sure how this will go.

Also I haven’t met or conversed any other men and there about 60 more men on my page some of whom I might like to meet or correspond with, It feels awkward, because one man takes up my time and assumes too much. He is a very nice man, I think, but I don’t know and there are a lot of men who are not really nice and my daughter says I’m too trusting. I can’t be otherwise, life is too short.