Photos I took for a dating site, what do you think?

Thought it might be fun. But I chickened out and cancelled after exchanging a few words with just two men, both seem nice but I’m not sure what my goal was. Coming home this time gave me much to think about, do I have to convince myself that I’m happy? Is this really my best life?

4 thoughts on “Photos I took for a dating site, what do you think?

  1. I just saw the pictures, didn’t know what the story was.
    Being alone , even with my daughter, is no fun.
    Go with your best shot.
    Call if you want to talk, but you won’t, I know you hate the phone.
    Happy New year.


  2. Joan-I think a dating site is a great idea but i know you have to choose a good company. Some of my friends have found companionship and tell me it is much better than finding someone in a bar, restaurant or church.
    Remember-if they say they live in a gated community-that means jail!!!!
    Go for it!!!

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