I deleted Kate Othon

I decided it was silly, not needed,and I really had little to offer there. I am called Kate here and I like it but I am not officially Kate Othon. I am Kathleen by few, Kathy by many and Kate in this neighborhood.

I paint because I love to combine color and shapes, some people like them, others do not and that’s as it is for many more talented artists than I. I can show my work here as well as I could show it over there and save me time and money.

Sorry to my daughter who helped me put the site together…okay she put it together while I kept messing it up.

I decided to just make this space more interesting, write more often and to hopefully write better. I think stories of an almost 80 ( it sounds more impressive than just 78) woman alone but for her dog who chooses an alternative life style “on wheels” can appeal to more than family and friends and when I see that readers from other countries read here it pleases something in me and encourages me to tell more stories. I have stories, don’t we all have stories we’d like to tell?sometimes the stories don’t get told because people don’t have time to listen, so write them down, get your stories out there!

Some times telling your story clearly can clarify what your story is really about and who you are

Not sure that last bit makes any sense at all.

Lately I’ve been falling asleep early, about 8 pm because I’ve been really tired, problem is I wake up about midnight thinking it’s a new day ready to go. It’s hard to fall back to sleep right now it’s 12:07 as I write because I can’t get back to sleep. Many oldsters have this problem, I hear about it all the time.

Today is Halloween, CJ (owner of RV park) always has a party, we’re supposed to dress up. I’m going as a hippy, I’m told I wear that costume every day so here is my costume svelt stretchy jungle print leggings, a blue top and a tie dye scarf and Sandals. Then I remembered this beautiful top of many colors and stuck a flower behind my ear and felt like a modern day hippy.. what a transformation !

2021 Hippy

8 thoughts on “I deleted Kate Othon

  1. I love your stories, maybe when you get to be 86, you won’t want to mark it up to 90!!!!.
    It was great talking to you, I’m really looking forward to your visit .. Was it 1973 that we worked at Gorges ?
    I know you were there before me
    I loved working there.
    My face is so much more lined than yours.
    Not really worried about it these days, face masks and glasses cover a great many problems hee hee hee.
    I’ll be so glad when we can go with out them,visit fiends.
    Oh to be be free again!
    Have a great time at your party.
    Being a “bloke” we don’t celebrate Halloween.

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  2. Looking great my friend. I have many wonderful memories of the time we worked together. I enjoy seeing you living your best life out there. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Toni, I remember hospice Austin kindly, I learned a lot about people in good times and difficult times and the strength seen during those times always amazed me


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