We walked down to the lake today

I hadn’t walked down since my experience there with pot that I think I mentioned before here. Today is windy 20 miles an hour but in the seventies and I’d spent all day yesterday in bed because of my usual concerns, also mentioned before here. Anyway it seemed like a good day to walk a bit. I wish I had thought to bring my phone to take a few photos but it was a spur of the moment that we went from dog park to lake path.

Walking down was easy as a road has been built part of the way that wasn’t there the last time I’d walked it. I guess it took about 20 minutes in a slow walk. I took Charley’s leash off and let him wander a bit always checking to make sure he didn’t go too far.

We got to the lake to find five cows looking at us like we didn’t belong there. They forgot about us when we didn’t bother them. The lake is low on water, I noticed on my ride to Hatch that the Rio Grande is also low. It’s a great place to sit and contemplate. The place is clean and someone has built a fire pit, it would be a good place to park an RV but I don’t know if there’s a road coming in from anywhere accessible. Next time I come I’ll bring my little fold up stool and some watercolors and paper.

The only problem I had was the walk, especially the walk back which seemed much longer because my hips and legs hurt so much. Probably should find out why some day but why look for bad news at this point?

Back home I had a 0.0 Heineken and decided to write about this little episode before I forgot, and then try for a nap.

By the way, CJ the RV camp owner always celebrates all holidays and for Halloween has a costume party. I’m thinking aged hippy or old rock star. What do you think?

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