Tweeking the Site

I worked on this all day, its a good challenge for me, to get the stories together with what the menu says you should find on that page. It’s always a mystery when it works and is unrepeatable, thus a day of tweeking. You may find things that are not in order, that will happen, ignore and read on. Have patience with this, in- two- years – 80 woman. That is so unbelievable I can’t say it enough, silly me.

Did I tell you that I bought a TV? Had not owned one in about 10 years, the ads made me crazy and I didn’t want to be influenced by the advertising. I’ve only been able to watch it for a few days because there’s a huge RV between me and the wifi signal, yet I already wonder about needing……………….can’t remember what it was right now but…… maybe because I can’t remember it is safe for me to watch and not be overly influenced. One good thing comes from being forgetful….

by the way I can read a book and not remember what I read too, it is what it is.

During those several days that I could watch it I didn’t read a single book, very troubling as I often read 2-3 a week.

I’ve ordered an antenna to put high up to catch the signal, should be here next week and see if I can do more with my ipad than play the woody puzzle. Lack of wifi in the park, well everyone in the first row of RV’s have no problem but my situation behind the huge RV is impossible That may explain the fact that I haven’t been writing here lately, that and how busy I keep myself. But winter may be long and cold and I thought a TV would be a good idea and it was very cheap so there it is.

My sister and I tried to use the whatsapp and messenger video yesterday, we are not good at it. Distorted faces, lack of sound and too damn cold to go outside.

we’ll try again some day,

I gave this painting to a friend, she says I captured her state of mind perfectly!

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