Japanese soaking tub

Tonight was the second time this week I went out to soak in my Japanese soaking tub

I wait until it’s almost dark and climb in hoping I’ll b able to climb out when I’m tired of soaking. The first time I was stealthy and covered but got in nude, which is the logical way to sit soaking but getting out I’m sure my butt was showing there was no one around to admire, nevertheless now i keep my self covered while in the tub.

Tonight the water was a little warmer than I like, the thermameter is odd, with a confusing set of numbers that make no sense neither farihite nor centagrade but I don’t dare put my hand in the check until I take out the heater element. I had dropped in one of these fizzy bath things earlier and was surprised to see I had pink water! I use the water to water my plants, think they’ll get pink?

I did notice all the typos, did you?

I’ve been concerned about the tub because after the first use it gets a bit slippery on the sides and bottom and I could just see myself slipping and stuck unable to get out. But now I have the tub close to the side of the RV so I can balance myself better and have something solid to hold onto. Tonight was the second night using the same water and after just moving my feet around I got rid of the slipperyness and had no trouble getting out. The first night I did have trouble getting out but it wasn’t the tub’s fault, I just need to work on my thighs to be able to get myself up easier but I’ve figured out how to manage without calling for help!

I bought a magnetic cover for my studio doorway to keep out flies but my doorway is wider than the door cover. It has a small mesh fabric that I thought to use as the cover for the tub and it works pretty good at keeping out bugs in the water with a tie to hold it

I like to sit in my tub and look around and wonder how I came to this place where I have everything I need, except family, that is the only lack here. I have things to care for that give me a daily routine, water my plants, talk to them and to Charley, I have to walk Charley, if we walk around the park three times that is a mile……..okay I only know that because Becky says so and I haven’t done it three times at the same time yet. I almost wrote, hey, I’m old but remembered my neighbors that walk everyday and he is 90. He and his wife are original hippies and fun to talk to about their experiences over the years of hippy-ness.

I strum my guitar every day though i know i’ll never learn to play it properly. i like to tune it and listen to the sound each string makes as I make my music. My fingers can’t reach to where they must to make real music but i enjoy strumming and making up my tunes.Love my $50 learner guitar made in China.I’m so easy!

One thought on “Japanese soaking tub

  1. Carl will thank you for dropping almost 2 years off his age. Be careful in that tub. You can always tell for help, I come & promise I won’t laugh.

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