80 in two short years

My brother and I were laughing at the fact that we are so old ( it was his birthday) and don’t feel any different than we did 20 years ago. Energy, I think that is the factor that I notice the most, a lack of energy, plus that look in the mirror that reminds me time has passed. Still, I manage to get quite a lot done as of course I have to do it all, manage my RV tanks is not a big deal unless things get ‘stuck’ and I have to use the broom handle to move along ‘stuff’ no big deal, it happens. Sometimes when freezing my water doesn’t run until it warms up, no big deal.

One of my goals this week is to find out why some of my ‘house’ lights don’t work. They are all together so I think it is a fuse problem but I need to get more light bulbs to check the unlikely possibility that they are burnt out. . The fuse box is on the floor of the kitchen (smile) and I have to lie on the floor on my belly to access them, then figure out which fuse goes to what lights. And then get up again, that’s the hard part. As I said, a project that I have planned to do for weeks but just lately decided we could have a lot more light in here if those lights worked. I need to go into town tomorrow for a few items…I should make a list right now and take a bulb from a light that works with me.

I painted my yoga mat today, still feels sticky, I like to use it on the floor, it’s about the right size, keeps the cold out and I’ve painted it a few times with orange, and green spray paint so it matches rather nicely with my colors. The length of the mat which is common to yoga mats, is just about the length of my rv from kitchen to cab, plus a bit more, to give you an idea of the size of my living space.

It was sunny today and windy. I washed clothes and they dried fast makes me feel accomplished plus I made smoothies. I’m trying to make one every morning, I add protein powder plus frozen fruit, a banana and today I used almond milk in it plus spinach. Probably won’t make that combination again but we drank it, Charley got some too, probably a bit more today than usual.

Friend asked me if I had tried writing on my chalk walls with chalk. Not yet.