Black Lives Matter

All Lives Matter Skin tones all Beautiful.

It’s been pretty hot this week so my AC is on more than usual but I went out at about 8pm to walk with Charley. The sky, the light and the air seemed to have a special tint of rose. the mountains were beautiful and the lake is high and blue against the contrast of the mountains. I didn’t have my phone with me and it changes so fast I wouldn’t be able to capture the feeling and the beauty of the night.

It made me feel just slightly better after a day spent painting something trying to put in a painting feelings about what is going on in the USA. My painting has only skin tones paint, I’m hoping to see if I find the curator at the gallery (which is closed) to put it in the window tomorrow, the day of the funeral for Mr. George Floyd. There are very few African Americans in the area of New Mexico where I live, what is the word I’m looking for, the area is homogenous in that everyone looks about the same, I haven’t noticed a single Indian or Asian in the time I’ve lived here, and only a few of any color but white and some brown.

Maybe i just don’t get out much, that could be true but I think we lose a flavor of life when our interaction is limited to people that look and often times think the same as we do.

There’s trouble in our land.

All lives matter

3 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter

  1. This is the third time I have tried to reply.
    I think it’s my error.
    Your plants look great.
    Charley isn’t fat.!!
    Your painting sends a clear message.
    I hope you get to show it
    I’m still inside my little house, I haven’t been back to church of the good pantry.hey
    We have had some increase of the virus, i expect with the protests we will have more.
    I wish I was younger, I agree with them, and wish I could do more, they wouldn’t have any trouble pushing this old lady around.
    Protest with love.
    I can at least speak my mind, to all who will listen
    Love you friend

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