My garden is coming along…….

but it needs to hurry up before the sun takes over the land and squashes my little seedlings. I will put up netting to protect them from the hungry birds. I have the netting but need to find out how to attach it so the wind doesn’t destroy or blow it away. The wind is something else, it can blow my heavy door to the studio closed despite have a heavy planter to hold it open. Charley knows to get out of the way when it’s windy, I think it’s down right dangerous because the door is very heavy. I’ve added two heavy bricks to a Home Depot bucket to keep the door open and so far that is working.

Want to see my garden? My neighbor is letting me use their water source as it’s closer to the garden then mine and we don’t pay for water here so it works out great for me and they will partake of the bounty when all these seedlings grow up. I’m not sure where whatever I planted is located so it will be a surprise because the wind stole my list before I got them labeled. I have a garden plan but it won’t be accurate so we’ll just have to wait and see what grows. I’ve only planted a few seeds of each because I’m not sure I have enough space for all the seeds I have, There’s a couple items there that I would not have planted kale and collards but I had the seeds so in the garden they went.

peas, beans, kale, collards, cabbage,carrots, turnips, spinach, peppers, beets,squash,cucumbers,corn lettuce, tomatoes, and lots of marigolds here and there because the bugs don’t like it I’ve read, hope its true. And flowers, lots of flowers in pots nasturtiums…I had them last year and they were beautiful, you know you can eat the flowers of this plant. I don’t have any roses, maybe later.

I finished making masks for now but I know we’ll need them for a long time so I’ll probably make more later. I went to Walmart with a bag full of masks. I was surprised to see more people than not had a mask on, last time I went there were few wearing a mask. When I saw some one without I mask I offered them one but finally just gave the bag to a checkouter so she could give one to whoever wasn’t wearing one. I figure the man on the street needed them now more than anyone but those not wearing one was usually a guy ( super guy?). My masks were mostly pretty and guys might not wear them. yeah, super guys think they are safe but the virus likes men more than women so you would think…………….

Yesterday was amazing here in Caballo, sunny but with a cool breeze so I spent the day outside, it was stuffy in the RV but still pretty comfortable. I spend hours repainting a painting I wasn’t happy with.

Guess what! I drove by the Grape gallery in T or C and two of my paintings are in the window. Of course no one will be buying art for a while, probably a long while but it was nice to see my work there.

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