Laundry in the time of quarantine

I hung (hanged?.) these at 8 pm and hopefully will take them in in the morning before anyone notices!

I don’t mind doing laundry by hand and my clothes are much cleaner and brighter than when I take them to a laundromat I may save myself about 25-30$ a month. Except for sheets and towels this is great as long as CJ doesn’t mind my hanging clothes in the tree, only at night or a short time during the day, may as well take advantage of the wind power.

Actually I’m using a soap I’d not used before but I ordered from Norwex. I got a sample of their Power plus laundry soap when I had the Norwax party and like it so much I ordered a box,my clothes look much whiter and the water was dirty after washing which said to me that the laundromat did a terrible job. Anyway I think that’s all I need, not that this soap is inexpensive it’s not, I’m still waiting for my delivery of my order and am using my generous sample.

The whole idea of the need to wash clothes after we wear them once is ridiculous and no one really cares what you wear if you are clean and not smelly, at least this is so where I live, the goal is to manage our lives with simplicity. tv and other ads convince us we need additives to our laundry soap and the goal of fresh smelling clothes that we must bUy their products . That’s why I don’t have a TV. The ads drove me mad.

Today was Sunday, I gave a second acupuncture treatment to CJ,for shoulder pain. I think we caught it in time to prevent a “ frozen shoulder “ problem that can last for months. She still complaints but I see it much improved from yesterday

Other than that I worked on sewing face masks, I like making them pretty and fun to wear. I was a nurse for many years and feel for those making sacrifices today. They never signed up for hazardous duty