Charley tells me, again & again

Charlie tells me when he has to go out to do his business but he’s taking advantage of my willingness to respond whenever he indicates, sometimes with great energy, that he needs to go out quick and urgently, but when we get outside and he just looks around. Two out of the 5 times during the night he did this, he would raise his leg to sprinkle a few bushes but mostly he just looked around, probably grinning to himself that he has it made in the shade with this new human. We finally went to sleep until 7 am and it was time to start all over again. By the way, my kipling, was neutered early and never knew he should lift his leg not squat like a female, I think the raised leg is icky and rude………what can I say, especially since this is done where ever when ever a bush is passed by. No bush is exempt.

He walks very well on the leash, I keep him tight by me but the leash expands, and he spotted another dog walker with her dog, way up ahead and he tried to tear off after them, Charley the runner was very fast until the extending leash stopped him in his tracks. Ouch!

He likes papaya, I wonder if it likes him, guess I’ll find out.

He only weighs 12 pounds of skin and bones..and long legs and thin skin, shivers in the morning air.

He’ll soon need a jacket.

I’ve been watching a set of videos that I have from Tim Gagnon, painting lessons with attention on clouds and landscapes. I’m a dedicated cloud freak, a danger on the roads because I am watching for clouds and not the road, the traffic here is so sparce it’s almost not dangerous. Clouds are what I want to learn to paint and will be spending plenty of time trying, it seems simple but if you don’t know how to paint them they look like white blobs, flat and boring blobs. Some of my paints have dried up, glad I can order on line, not much available at Walmart.

This morning was cool enough to paint in the studio but I had to reorganize my space for Charley, he wants to be beside me where ever I am, guess it’s a dog thing. I don’t mind, he sleeps a lot but wakes up if I move to watch what I’m doing, okay enough dog talk really, I promise to write of other thoughts, not only about Charlie but this is new and I am enjoying his company.


4 thoughts on “Charley tells me, again & again

  1. Yeah one thing to remember about having a dog is that you are the human and are the one that should be in charge. It’s a balance but if you let them run the show they will! Lol Also fruits can be tricky because not much fruit is a natural part of their diet, like grapes and raisins are dangerous, so I would be careful what foods you give him or you may be having to run out in the night many times! So excited for you that you have him!!!💖


  2. I’m so glad that you and Charlie ? are getting along so well.
    Do you know how long he was in the shelter?
    He looks small boned, I doubt that he will get much fatter.
    Was he with a family before, do you have any history on him.
    My dogs and cat, all have their history, makes it easier to understand them.
    How long have you had him?
    I don’t know what I would do without my pets, they are my children.
    Is it time for the weather to change? It will be October before we feel the cool weather.
    I am so happy to be going to CO the 18th Sept – 27th I wish I could stay, but I have my money invested here in my house.
    It’s probably for the best.
    Enjoy your baby.


    1. Hi Joan I’ve had charley only a few days, they didn’t know anything about him but that he’s a fussy eater, and he doesn’t eat much but seems to like what I’ve given him enjoy your CO visiting know you miss your old home there.. be happy love you


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