Noises in the Night?

Went to check out the dogs at the local shelter today with Becky,( I found out belatedly that she doesn’t like to be called Becca because she doesn’t like a woman she knows as Becca and I thought it was too cool so now she is Becky again) they only had one small dog, the poor pooch is so skinny, he looks like a mini greyhound, he was found wandering alone and some one took him..or her in to the shelter. I can’t remember the sex but I think I will get this small dog and fatten it up. I think he is small enough to be comfortable in my passenger seat for a bed. He, I think he’s a he, with long legs but small head, thin body he may be just what I need and may even be part greyhound which is what I wanted to get when I started out on this adventure. Life is funny that way.

Tomorrow I’ll go get dog food and stuff, not sure if he has been ‘fixed’ yet but they take care of that and for so much less than it would have cost me in Texas. It’s a small unit without resources to insist on home checks before adoption so it will not be a great expense for me, I think I’ll call him/her Charley, Yeah

Some weird sounds are happening outside of my RV. It sounds like a person snoring, I can’t figure it out and it first wondered if it was possible to hear my neighbor snoring all the way to my RV. !! But I heard it during the day too so I guess that is not the cause, unless he sleeps during the day which I don’t think he does as I see him sitting outside, maybe I’ll ask him if he hears these snoring noises, I hear it now……..weird.

4 thoughts on “Noises in the Night?

  1. I hope you are able to get Charley, he/she would be so much company for you. My Mother lived with me until she died, soon after I adopted Bailey. He is a love and a sweet companion, sits in his car seat in the RV and makes sure I am going the right way. Good luck with the adoption!


  2. God bless you for going to the shelter for a companion…a win-win deal! Snoring sounds, day and night – serious mysterious, can’t wait for an update on that!


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