GG is looking Good but we Aren’t traveling Much

A good wash was downloaded by Mother nature last night so all that dust and dirt the wind brought up was washed away. I will probably change her stripes and lettering some day, she has tire covers and different window coverings and the inside is bright and colorful and fun.

Really, I think this old gal of mine doesn’t look too shabby now that she has nice surroundings, with the addition of the studio, humming bird stations, new colorful carpets and a green garden outside her door, I think we look just fine.

But we aren’t doing much traveling and will be doing even less because we can live so cheaply here and comfortably and easily. Not a life style for everyone but it suits me.

Having leased the studio I have everything I need right here and am making it mine, via blood sweat and toil (no tears) and a few $.

I can leave here with GG to do some travel without losing my site by paying my rent and the studio’s lease. Seems like common sense, I can pack up and come back anytime as long as I pay the rents ( less than $400) Where else could I live so affordable and comfortable. A life style minimalist change, I feel better than I have in years.

I bought a new ladder with 6 steps, I’m hoping I can get up high enough to see the status of my roof. These are old photos and you can see the bottom needs bodywork ( my fault) the storage on the top I had removed, didn’t think I’d get up there often to store stuff. I like that she has a smooth exterior, I think she’s grand.

Home sweet home

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