GG is looking Good but we Aren’t traveling Much

A good wash was downloaded by Mother nature last night so all that dust and dirt the wind brought up was washed away. I will probably change her stripes and lettering some day, she has tire covers and different window coverings and the inside is bright and colorful and fun.

Really, I think this old gal of mine doesn’t look too shabby now that she has nice surroundings, with the addition of the studio, humming bird stations, new colorful carpets and a green garden outside her door, I think we look just fine.

But we aren’t doing much traveling and will be doing even less because we can live so cheaply here and comfortably and easily. Not a life style for everyone but it suits me.

Having leased the studio I have everything I need right here and am making it mine, via blood sweat and toil (no tears) and a few $.

I can leave here with GG to do some travel without losing my site by paying my rent and the studio’s lease. Seems like common sense, I can pack up and come back anytime as long as I pay the rents ( less than $400) Where else could I live so affordable and comfortable. A life style minimalist change, I feel better than I have in years.

I bought a new ladder with 6 steps, I’m hoping I can get up high enough to see the status of my roof. These are old photos and you can see the bottom needs bodywork ( my fault) the storage on the top I had removed, didn’t think I’d get up there often to store stuff. I like that she has a smooth exterior, I think she’s grand.

Home sweet home

The Me vs the DamnAnt Rebellion

I’m winning,

Ants love my outdoor carpet, they were everywhere yesterday.

it was gross.

Becca told me to sprinkle salt around the ground so I tried it.

One whole box of Morton’s salt spread on the carpet,

they didn’t seem to mind it.

So I went inside to look for something else and found the Comet cleanser

I sprinkled it along the edges and all about

as of this moment, 4 hours later, there are no ants on my carpet.

Don’t know about tomorrow .

One step closer………

I’ve enjoyed putting this little building together, first the radiant barrier (more information on that here http://radiant barrier ) Then thinking of an inexpensive way to improve insulation I bought super large boxes from Uhaul and stapled them over the barrier. I covered each end wall with fabric. I’ll need some help to finish the ceiling because the staple gun needs to be pushed in a certain way to make the connection and it was too hard for me, not safe I’ll try to find Frank. I need to find more cardboard too, and maybe some more white fiber board like what I used for the photo board. some white walls would make the room lighter feeling, cleaner.

I may put the barrier inside my RV cubby walls and am using it on my windows to block the heat. until it cools down a bit…it’s kind of like living in a dark cave but nice.

Instead of $ 500+ to insulate the building I spent about $130.00 plus cardboard boxes and still have about half left over to share or sell. Do you think this will work? I’m not sure but am hopeful, hard to judge as I’ve not finished the ceiling. This heat is algo espantoso! but I think it would have been impossible to work in there as I have been with only the fan working. The AC works noisily and sometimes shouts and scares me so I have to turn it off quickly before it ruines itself, needs some servicing, I’ll ask Frank to look at it.