Inside every Old Woman………

Is a young woman wishing to be heard

But life flows by so fast

almost without noticing, time has passed

suddenly you wonder

Why wasn’t I prepared to be an old woman?

Should I have taken a class?

attended a seminar?

read a book?

who would write the book?

‘How to be as old woman’

another old woman?

Are some things left better unsaid?

Do we have choices?

Yes, we have limited choices,

unlimited for those who decide

to live our best lives

whatever our age,

to contribute

write your own book

One thought on “Inside every Old Woman………

  1. No honey, there is no book.
    It’s like having your first baby. You have no idea until it’s there.
    You can only write the book when your old.
    At 84, there is so much I could say, but when you’re young you wouldn’t read a book like that..
    You managed with the kids, you’ll manage now.
    Remember one day at a time.
    Love you


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