What a Glorious evening finally no Wind!

Wish you could enjoy this evening with me sitting outside listening to my man Bocelli and enjoying a glass of wine, with the sound of crickets debating with my music. It’s an overcast evening can’t see many stars sitting here under the mesquite Tree.

Busy day today finally have a full tank of propane but haven’t lit my water heater yet,okay I tried but couldn’t, it was getting dark I’ll do it in the morning no problem.

I told myself I was going to spend my evening listening to music instead of on my computer, I don’t have tv but do watch a movie on my computer now and again and think I’d sleep better if I turned off electronics earlier but here I am outside listening while writing on my iPad. I just wanted to drop a note here, I’ll finish this tomorrow.

Ive been able to listen loudly because almost no one is in the park, people just leave their rv here and take off for parts unknown and come back when they do, I’ll do that someday probably but I still need to get something to tow ‘youcandoitbabe’ I have too much to do here first.

I have to tell you, I am so glad to be where I am, both psychologically and geographically

Good night

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