Red Resin Curing on GG’s Kitchen Shelf

Yesterday I put a thin coat of resin on my tiny kitchen counter. The counter I’d painted black and I added red splashes over the resin, not a good idea resin got all spidery, but the resin dried and this morning I repainted the top with more red and re -resin-ed, not as nice as I’d hoped but better than I expected. The resin has a few uneven areas and is far from a perfect finish, but I’m satisfied for now, waiting for it to dry so I can clean up the sink and change the drains bits that look really used up. I should have changed the sinks too but it’s a trial to get help with that kind of work. I have a red painted board that I’ll use for extra shelf space, maybe I’ll resin that too, it’ll be easier to keep clean if I do, I have some red cups I don’t use so maybe I’ll use them to hold up the board, might work.

Now I have a pantry! I am a happy camper, over the next few days I’ll get very organized, probably move stuff around again…….and again. Thanks to Dan and Becca for helping me turn that odd space into useful space and saving me from hunting in my high cabinets for food and getting my head hit with the doors every time, really!

Yesterday I looked into the studio to see what i could do to start getting it ready to use, stuff is everywhere as I’ve been waiting to hear from ‘Frank’ to look at fixing the AC and electrifying the studio but he isn’t answering my texts. Yeah, same Frank as my roof Frank. He is a certified electrician so I’m sure he can do the job not sure he wants to, we are on mañana time here. It’s okay, no rushing to complete anything, it’s all in the doing and I have time. Anyway I put the desk chair together and put the bed down and see that the frame is bigger than the futon I bought to use for acupuncture now and then, (or a sleepover?). Looks odd but will have to do, I’ll add pillows. It fills up a quarter of the room when open.not a lot of walk around space in there, no need.

I should re-glue the tiles that fell from the bathroom wall when we went into town to fill propane………which reminds me that the hot water heater pilot must have been blown out by the wind again as I had a chilly shower this morning, need to light it again, at least I know there is plenty of gas in there………..yeah, some tiles fell and there are a couple floor tiles to re-glue too. I should do that now.

Gave myself a summer haircut today.


Maybe someday I’ll have time to get into my Shakespeare and read Don Quijote in Spanish as I so long ago planned to do. But until then I still have plenty of projects to start and finish.

Still windy.

3 thoughts on “Red Resin Curing on GG’s Kitchen Shelf

  1. “Work expands in direct proportion to the amount of time in which to do it.” You have all the time in the world, and lots of fun projects to pass the time! Lucky you! 🙂


  2. I can’t see your hair cut, but I really like the red area around your sink.
    The food pantry is great!
    How nice to have such good neighbors.


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