Sitting Under the Mesquite Tree

I don’t have a puppy or a kitten or even another human, I have my plants, they are my significant others, and the wind is out to destroy them.

I remain hopeful because otherwise………….what?

I have to be vigilant to water them at least 2x every day and shelter them behind the studio when the wind is at its strongest. Will they survive and produce beautiful zinnias, nasturtiums, sun flowers and pepinos? That is the question I ponder every morning and evening as I meditate on my plants, giving them my full attention while they cry out to me, ‘help’ ‘ help’. I offer them musical evenings and wonder, should I feed them? They are so young, I gave them the best soil for seedlings, it’s up to them now, I’ll do my best to protect them from the nasty wind and burning sun until they are strong enough to survive Mother natures mean streak, (that we deserve, selfish humans messing up her beautiful earth and all it’s riches for ……..what?)

I will think about getting desert flowers and cactus plants, they are everywhere around here and when I tire of fighting for bright colored flowers I will have to be practical and follow natures way here in New Mexico with plants that survive this clime.

Yes, we can’t fight the wind, we will always lose the battle but I will try a little longer, I’m responsible for planting them so I must take care of them until their annual service is completed.

One thought on “Sitting Under the Mesquite Tree

  1. You’re a good plant Mom…it’s always windy in this part of Texas, too! Love each photo caption you included, and love the scent of lavender!


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