Hail on Roof

OH, I have to tell you what happened yesterday! We had a fierce hail storm, and I think everyone in the park was thinking about my roof, or rather the leak in it. Frank got here just in time to seal the leak before it started raining and the hail falling. Thank Goodness because it would have been a disaster for me and GG, I would not soon forget. Frank will come back to do a more permanent fix and he will fix my air conditioner and power up my studio.
I hope.
Other park people here don’t have as much trust in him as I do, but I like talking with him, he’s an interesting old guy from Germany, (but not as old as I) he has 9 doberman dogs (puppies) is an electrician, and says that if he falls off my roof he will land on his feet as he did gymnastics in Germany and can still do his flips…..or whatever. Then I noticed he had a bottle of beer in his hand I wasn’t sure if he had it while up top but I wonder if pot is not his only habit.
Oh well!

Tomorrow morning I go to El Paso to pick up my car finally, that will take up the morning and then I want to take GG in town to fill my propane tank and learn how to set up the connectors to a separate propane tank as back up so I don’t have to move GG whenever I run out of propane. So today in preparation for the move I replaced the cabinet doors that I’d taken down in frustration when organizing my ‘pantry’ (so the doors wouldn’t fall on my head) putting them back up was harder than taking down but it needed to be done or everything would fall out whenever I turned a corner, …….I hope she starts, I haven’t started her up in quite a while.

I have a new acupuncture client, sciatica problem, I hope I can help him but he has had the problem a while, may take some time.

I haven’t done much with the studio yet, just moving stuff over there. The building protects my plants from the wind if I keep them behind it and that makes me happy so maybe they have a chance. I hope to see morning glories climbing up the wall and sunflowers and zinnias should be blooming soon if I can protect them from the wind.

I’m feeling enthusiastic about the changes I’m making, I have lots of ideas in mind for both GG and my studio and excited to get on with it now

It will be good.