We shared our Thoughts and our Stories today

She came to spend some time with me, on this hot and boring Sunday

She brought with her a bottle of wine and 2 glasses

She often tells me her stories

today I told her some of mine

I’d not told anyone those stories,

they were only mine to remember

I confided,

finally who am I and what have I done.

and why

was it the wine?

it was not the wine.

I was ready to tell her my story

I granted her the in sight to hear my story

not judge my story,

or me,

but just to listen

despite our differences of space and time

What is a friend but one to listen

someone you can trust with your stories.

Maybe some day I can tell my stories to you.

Ode to my Grandchildren

I remember the moment you were born

The excitement of a newborn baby

A cherished new family member

A new mark on the calendars

You are loved every single day

Not only your day marked on my calendar

So please forgive a forgetful grandma

If I neglect your day

And know that I remember and love you every single day of the year.

Here I would put a photo of my grandchildren but my daughter won’t let me add their photos , they know who they are and I hope they know how much I love them

Talk A Lot?

Total strangers will talk your arm off telling you things you don’t want to hear.

It amazes me.

Yesterday doing laundry, I met a woman and now I can tell you about her family, her vehicle, her plans and her age, without myself having said a word.

You don’t even have to share, just listen.

I wonder if this is because we (RVers) spend so much time alone that when we encounter someone who will listen we take advantage and tell all.

This from Quora

why people talk a lot is because they have a huge storage of thoughts which was created when they were alone. And when the storage capacity is overfull the thoughts need to come out, t his makes them talk a lot and mostly about the things they had in their mind before.

Seems there are all kinds of talkers and reasons why we talk so much, here are some notes I thought interesting from an article I read on Inc.com by Deborah Grayson Riegel

  1. Talking about yourselfResearch shows that when we talk about ourselves, our brains release dopamine, the pleasure hormone, so we’re immediately rewarded when we do so. People keep gabbing because they are addicted to that pleasure
  2. Talking to show how much you know. This, ironically, tends to undermine rather than build credibility. It also has a negative impact on our likeability, one of the key factors in how we evaluate people.
  3. Talking out of nervousness or insecurity. Our ability to self-manage shrinks when our anxiety grows
  4. Talking to fill the silence  most people experience silence as something to avoid–especially in conversation. 

Talk less ! Think more !

I personally don’t know anyone who thinks they talk too much, and so far today (6pm) I have spoken not a word.