Today 3 park friends and I went to soak our aged bodies in mineral hot springs search of ………the fountain of youth and all I got was a sunburn.

The water was hot today and we soaked for one hour for $12 each in a community pool where one must wear a suit, no nude soaking in the community pools..

Honestly I don’t feel that great, I have a headache and think I was in the water too long.

There weren’t many people in the pools today, one gentleman in a speedo was in and out of the pool and I noticed he had either a pacemaker or defibrillator in his chest, or both and I wondered if this was good for someone with heart concerns, maybe that is why he didn’t stay in too long. No comment needed on the speedo.

the location of the hot springs is along the Rio Grande. in and around T or C.

The grounds are planted with grape vines and local plants, it is so relaxing and lovely. think I might get a tee shirt, they have them in multiple colors.

The whisper zone is enforced and no one raises their voices while in the zone. Except that they have construction happening so noise was already there and we didn’t have to whisper.

I like to go a couple times a month because my feet feel so soft after soaking, and a limited therapeutic dose of sunshine is fine.

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