A Crazy old Lady to pursuing Pot!

Some beautiful clouds out there today, Did you know that I am a cloud fanatic, when I get organized I want to paint some clouds. It’s been 15 days since I ordered my studio, everyday I hope for the call that tells me it’s on its way because I’ve got quite a mess in my loft. I see no reason to organize if I’m going to move stuff to the studio, I’ll have enough space up there for the second bed again. Ready for sleep-overs!

I was about to cancel the account at Car Max that I have on my car thinking it was just an expensive roadside assist plan. That was all I had on the paperwork when I bought the car. Fortunately I looked at the website to really see what it entailed and found it to be a comprehensive covers nearly everything, as long as I follow maintenance guides. So the deductible is a one time expense. Just like health insurance. So I have an appointment on the 10th in EL Paso for ‘youcandoitbabe’ for that front end noise, maybe the AC fan? It makes more noise when I turn on the AC.

Despite the probability that I’ll loose a few readers when I write about this romance I’m having with pursuing pot, but hey, this is a record of my life and thoughts so I need to keep it honest and frank. This blog is just an exercise I do to keep my thoughts together, make sense of my days and try to put them on paper with correct spelling (usually) and a little dignity.

No I haven’t tried it again, but I will. I texted Frank to ask about making brownies, he says “you only have enough for one brownie”. Hardly seems worth the effort. I think I’d prefer brownies to smoking, no nasty smell, burning throat, or red eyes. (!)He says that when he makes brownies, everyone knows what they are getting, He must be famous in these parts!

I do like to make interesting friends.

Crazy old lady, having the time of my life.!