Has anyone Else not gotten their Tax Refund Yet?

Or is it just me? It’s not that much but I was looking forward to it, filed in March y nada.! Should I call someone? IRS2Go says it’s ‘being processed’. And reminds me that it is updated only once daily.

Anyone know why we have a chin? Interesting article I read but no one seems to know why, what are they useful for and how silly we would look without at least one and the second pseudo chin is never referred to but what about that one? Usually reserved for us mature folk. Don’t look down, ever.

The wind has been so strong for the past few days that I have not taken my car in to check what is making that awful noise, I’m afraid to drive it in such gusty wind, so I’ve been painting on this canvas paper that I may sew together to use as wall paper in my studio. I have 10 pages of 16×20 canvas sheets full of flowers and other stuff. The studio will be unfinished on the inside until I figure out what to do so hanging stuff on the walls seems like a plan to get started. Can you tell I’m excited to get started? It’s too dark now to take photos to show you what I’ve spent the past three days housebound painting. Just fun stuff.

Outside all my stuff is flat on the ground from the wind but my flower seeds are growing and I should have a nice crop of flowers soon if the wind doesn’t destroy them before they sprout a few more leaves. I’m wondering if this is what to expect here in NM, is it always so windy, is this a regular seasonal thing? I guess we are fortunate not to share worst weather events taking place across the states, floods, tornadoes, fires.snow, I think this is a good place to be considering all that. I’ll try not to complain about wind.

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