I’m a little bit Worried ……..but not enough

but not enough to change my mind. She just fits my budget………..ok, she str- et -che s it.

8 x 12 side lofted barn

She’ll fit so gracefully next to GG.

Hard to wait the 2-3 weeks for her to get here.

She’ll need a name. My car’s name is ‘you can do it babe’ maybe my studio could be call ‘stretch a sketch or something.

Settling down in one place was not my plan, but with the expenses of my car and now my studio, I’ll need to sit still. Fortunately I love where I am (except the wind) Having my own space for creativity makes it a excellent trade off. Who knows, maybe I’ll sell some art to help finance this new expense .

I would never have had a studio if I had not done what I’m doing.

I didn’t even know I wanted one.

Sometimes taking a chance and just doing, is what you need to do instead of ‘wait and see’. no time to wait, time is a wasting.


similar but not the same as mine will be.

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