RV Roof Repair ongoing Saga………..

Frank got here a bit later than he promised and was not happy on arrival. He’d had an rude incident in the dog park before he got here and was running late and not in the mood for anyone questioning his plan of action related to my roof.

Neighbor was out of line and should have realized she didn’t need to know exactly how Frank was planning his work and wasn’t able to recognize his mood and to leave him to his job.

He lost his cool

Honestly I was loosing my cool too but not with Frank. My neighbor would not keep quiet even as I asked her to to stop several times, to let him do the job. She seemed to need to have the last word, keeping Frank from getting the work started.

He was agitated and later was unhappy with himself for not handling it better.

Not helpful.

It was not her concern


Frank got up on the roof and said, oh this looks not good, I see wood. ( or something like that) and I see a wrinkle in my ceiling that wasn’t there a week ago.

The roof should have been done two weeks ago, before the pounding rain made a difference on my roof. and the wind blew bits and pieces of it away.

Frank says he got to it in time and he can fix it with this other expensive stuff he (I) bought no risk of mold because it is dry here.? True?

Then he texted me “don’t let anyone walk on your roof for 2 days”

okay, Frank


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