Increase your Credit card amounts before you Retire because You may not qualify After!

How does a professional person with a good income and few needs end up poor?

Poor planning and too generous “helping” others.

I thought maxing out my credit cards at this stage of life could be a good way to finish up, unworried about the future because the future doesn’t matter anymore. except when the future doesn’t come soon enough, and you’ve maxed out your credit. I haven’t been even close to maxing my credit ….yet.

But today when I decided on the outdoor storage unit and thought to finance it because I don’t have $3000 to spare… It was suggested I should get financing and so I applied for a personal loan from my credit union and I was refused, too much debt related to income. Yeah! I have been using my credit and my income stays the same.

Neither would my credit card give me a personal loan. So this is the face of a poor woman who didn’t know she was poor until she wanted /needed to buy something.Until recently I considered myself in decent $$ condition,, setting up a new life style has not been cheap, but I’m reasonable and only want to keep myself comfortable. But maybe too comfortable , stretching too little too far.

But I ordered my building today, in spite of all that, I put it on my credit card that somehow gave me $50,000 to spend but won’t approve a $3,000 loan. Im sure they would not have approved 50,000 credit card today. I guess my advise would be to make sure you have adequate credit before retiring because you may not qualify later.

I could have found a cheaper unit but the quality would not have been as good nor would it have 850 sq ft to work in. Resale value would be better, besides maybe I can live in it! Really, why not? I think it has more space than my RV does. Add electric, which eventually I would, maybe even water…

Probably not water.

I’ll need to get started painting or producing something of value to increase my flat bottom line.

I dislike worrying about money, so I don’t do it. That may be the reason I’m in this predicament. I’ve given more than I’ve received and sometimes am surprised how that turns out, I could use a few of those ‘gifts’ now!

So I thought I needed to write this on my blog because it’s all about me here, and I want honesty and humility and empathy for others in similar circumstances to be comfortable visiting here and leaving comments.

Well breaking news. This is not available so I’ll keep looking for something similar elsewhere, damn
Breaking Breaking news, I’ll get one much like this from tuff Sheds at Home Depot

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