Too Bad I’m not Licensed

Recently I’ve gotten interested in doing more acupuncture. it is too bad I am not licensed to practice!

I did study for 3 years but went back to nursing when I failed an exam I should have aced. test fear of failure I think, Oh well, the skills are still here and people like to be practiced on for free so it’s all good.

One guy said ‘so you think people are going to ask to see your license when you don’t charge them?

Probably not, especially if they have good results. Which they generally do!

I think the combination of needles and trigger point massage helped my sister but there may be more to her problem that I don’t know, I would never suggest to omit other standard therapies.

Anyway this has encouraged me to look into my books and online and I found an app that I wish I’d had when going to school and today I watched a online video using electric acupuncture on one single point L4, with whole body effect especially for pain that I want to try on a new camper one of these days.

We can never stop learning, when we do something dies.

or we get boring.

One thought on “Too Bad I’m not Licensed

  1. I think your heart is in the right place.
    Free is great, especially if someone gets relief.
    Talk with you later.


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