Smarty Pants Smart Car

I’ve decided that Babe must be a male no way would a female babe would do to me what he did.  Made me doubt my abilities to manage my car.  I double checked to make sure the car would not move from park to drive before the tow truck arrived and towed it away to the mercedes sales and repair in Dallas.

I got the message yesterday that the car was ready to be picked up, and what was wrong with it?   Nothing was wrong, it was running fine and the trans mission is fine, they checked it on the computer and everything worked just fine.

They did have another smart car that did the same, unable to move from park to drive but it seems to not have happened again with the other car so I’m hopeful that it won’t happen again so mine either.

This episode cost me $0, not even the tow, no service charge  and the service was excellent.  Thank you Mercedes!o4RvCWTuSpae99AmXToXcQ_thumb_1edb

I don’t understand my car and should study it’s different behaviores and learn it’s functions and where things can be found,  The battery is under the passengers seat and I’m not sure where the engine is!  I’ll need to spend some time and   attention to what everything does, even the radio is a question I need to find answers.  I drove 700+ miles without the radio or music because I hadn’t taken time to see how to set up my phone with music while using the gps

My arm hurts but I am protected from 11 different  strains of pneumonia, are you?

I know I have mis spellings here…..sorry

Thinking about my RV Roof…..

And I’m wondering  have I  been foolish to trust a man with my money and roof repair.   I’ve discovered that the man didn’t show up to do the work,   actually I still trust that he will get it done, maybe not on my timeline but on his.  He works for the owner of the park part time so I ‘m sure he’ll  come back,  I don’t think  he would lose his job for only $100,  He knows I’m gone and probably assumes he can do the work whenever before I return.  Though we did agree he would do it a certain day.  I asked another friend  to do some exterior work, that I wanted a make over, he just smiled and pointed out some areas of difficulty.   Seems like I’ve run into some people who only see difficulty where I see possibility.

The devilbladderbitch found me this morning and so I stayed home with my son instead of seeing my sister.  She looks good but shaky and weak from her experience in the hospital.  Tomorrow I’ll check in with her and maybe do some shopping.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2aba


I wrote the above a few days ago and since then my sisters problems have  became a huge headache, literally she tried all the usual things to relieve a headache without  effect, it was looking like another trip to the ER looking for a answer to this ongoing headache that didn’t let her sleep   rated on the pain scale a 9! But before deciding to go to the ER I wanted to try to see if needling her would help. With the combination of acupuncture (so glad I brought my needles) and deep myofascial release massage of her shoulders and scalp we brought the pain down to a 2-3. Tomorrow I’ll repeat the treatment and I think she will be fine.. So happy to use my skills!