Remember that we removed the stove last week? the gas stove? Well it seems that during the removal the gas detector thing that is on the floor at the entrance was bumped and got turned off and none of us realized it. These guys, my neighbors tried every way to figure it out . In the end what happened is what is supposed to happen if the alarm is turned off, it cuts the gas, a safety device. Do I really have to learn everything by my mistakes? Seems so. So many thanks to these RV guys and now won’t have to feel like an idiot when I take GG in for other concerns I have. I guess I should ask the guys if they mind me using their photos here, it’s mostly their backs, doubt you know them right?

So slightly embarrassed but glad I found out what that alarm thing is for! I knew it would alarm is gas was detected but not that when turned off it turns off the gas. Good to know!

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