My Daughter’s Family Vacaciones in Panamá


Minus me.  I hope they are enjoying the beauty of Panama, the beaches and the cool mountains.  And by the look of those now sun touched faces after a long cold Virginia winter, I believe they are. I hope they send me more photos so I can enjoy along with them.

Do I wish I was there too?

Absolutely, I hope to spend some time in Panama before I’m done, but this is not my time. I”m satisfied with my choices and only want to hear their stories when they return and see the photos  they take,   I lived in Panama for 30 years, was married for 30 years, not regretting any of those years, ok maybe a few regrets or a few of those years.   You know, who doesn’t have regrets?  Not many can say they are happy with all their choices, but when in the end everything works out as it should, we can be truly happy humans.

You all need sunglasses!!  And hats, and sun screen!

Sorry my daughter asked me not to add their photos so you will have to just believe me when I tell you they are all sun toasted and beautiful. (just one small photo ok?)  



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