Hot water Hell

No hot water for me yet!

We just keep finding new things to try but none have worked yet, I keep hoping we will get it fixed before I take it in to be fixed. You know what I mean? Anyway to save me money before I take her in on Monday. If we decided it was such or such a thing that needs to be changed and I could order it now so he’d have it to work with instead of needing to order it and a second 35 mile trip to the tech to have it replaced or repaired. With my luck I’d buy the wrong part, for sure.

I’ve been watching utube trying to find a fix: and one man tried a final crazy attempt…

.” I unhooked the propane lines and blew compressed air through them all. Takes only a few seconds to clear the lines. Lots of oil came out (by-product of propane) and POP, all was cleared out.”

I’m hopeful, we’ll try it tomorrow, today it’s cold and rainy

So I’ve spent the day doing paper work and finding out why my insurance climbed so high when I added my smart car to my RV insurance. from $69.00- $340 OUCH! So I used AARP insurance for my smart car and saved a bundle! Yes!

Of course my license plates got sent to Texas probably the day before I contracted Carmax to be sure to send them to me in NM. Asi es mi vida!

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