Bathroom Update – – Kitchen Ideas

desert flowers in camp

I’m wondering how long this white spray paint will hold up on the sink and counter. Looks ok, until I decide to do something different. I used the white wall tiles on the floor, may be a mistake but the area is so small nothing else looked nice, could be slippery when wet. Old lady falling in the bathroom breaking a hip comes to mind. I finally got the mirror behind the toilet to stay up using adhesive and strong strips of Velcro, I also have it boosted on a couple blocks of wood so that it is resting on something solid, hard to tell on these photos. Looking at Mexican painted ceramic sinks gives me ideas….

I worked cutting tiles, not easy or as much fun as I’d expected today my hands look terrible, remind me to never do this again inside the RV!.  There is a coat of ceramic dust covering everything.    I was cutting them to fill in the irregular spaces in several areas on the wall and floor.

Still no hot water, RV guy is so busy he wont be able to look at the problem for another week!  Glad for large sized wipes and my electric water pitcher to heat water for dish washing. I’ve decided to travel to him next week, he is 25 miles away from where I am and I need (want) several things done when he finally has time. I’ll park there for a couple days to get everything done.

This is a new idea for my kitchen. Space there is really limited, today I decided to cook up some vegetables and what a challenge to actually cook a meal. counter space is nonexistent and I ended up putting everything in the Instapot rather than the oven because the oven was too small for my pans. I think I’ll be using that more than my new and unfamiliar cook top or oven.

But look what I’m going to do with my Mexican garden pot. I’m going to use it in the area between the sink and my bed to keep stuff in, maybe a few dishes or just fresh fruits & vegetables or even a garden! it will give me a little more space to put things aside while prepping food. Right now it’s just sitting there as I have to remove one board to make space for it. I have a few more ideas, I’ll hang a large cutting board off the edge of the sink that can be folded up to use, and maybe a open shelf between the kitchen and my bed

tiny spaces make you test your resourcefulness and your resources.

this is just to give an idea, behind this is my bed, this it will act to divide the spaces.

2 thoughts on “Bathroom Update – – Kitchen Ideas

  1. I have the same problem, no space in the kitchen to fix anything.
    Just a toaster coffeemaker, and microwave.
    Don’t have a oven.
    The.cacti are lovely.


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