Sometimes I get so excited I just have to go for it!

It has been suggested to me that I should only publish one post per day so people are not overwhelmed by my writings. Huh, sometimes I’m laughing at my self and want someone to laugh with me so I push the publish button not paying any attention to advice. Tonight has been like that, it may be because I’m enjoying a glass …….

(in the only wine glass left of two, I broke one yesterday I may have to get a few more because I just don’t think it’s proper to drink wine from a plastic cup, it’s the way I am.)

of Franzia refreshing white wine from the box. I like it, it goes down so smooth and makes me write very fast and with less typos. And it makes me feel a little silly which you can judge for yourself right here. Yeah, the harem pants, couldn’t wait to publish that one.

Maybe I’ll save this for tomorrow. Or not, maybe I’ll have another glass of refreshing white tomorrow and find more sillyness to write about then. yeah

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I get so excited I just have to go for it!

  1. You write as many times as you feel the urge.
    I thoroughly enjoy reading all of them
    Have another glass of wine, I haven’t haven’t had any for about a month.
    Maybe that’s been my problem.

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