It has been noticed that GiGi needs updating on the exterior, it’s true. She’s looking better on the inside, where I spend my time but I haven’t been able to spend much time or$$ on the exterior. Now the weather is getting nice to do work outside, I’d like to remove the decals and paint something cool but don’t know where to start. Ideas? The carrier on the roof has been removed, I think removing the decals is a first or 2nd step they add nothing to the look of the RV now. I see some nice vacant spaces to work with. All Suggestions Welcome.

5 thoughts on “GiGi NEEDS A NEW LOOK

  1. I see large flowers transitioning in some places to smaller areas that are landscapes like your swing on the tree. Like you are peeking through the flowers! Whatever you do it should be something you can add to it whenever you get the urge. Whatever you do will be beautiful!


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