Sipping beer in a wine glass

While difficult to achieve, minor elegance is essential when living in a 22 ft box on wheels

Just because I live in a trailer………. excuse me, an RV

don’t mean I don’t got class!

My addiction to cloth napkins and breakable dishes are my ways to maintain my style.

My rig is small, cramped, old, unassuming and cute, a class C, my GIGi is in a class by herself. We are one classy duo.

I suppose you know that painting cheap bookcases and put-together furniture doesn’t -don’t, won’t (?) take paint and now I do too. They may take paint with ‘paint on anything’ spray paints, but can you imagine the mess if I spray painted in here! Already made that mess in my bathroom and had to spend some time cleaning up a pink over spill spray into the shower…pink??

After painting my cabinets red with 3 coats to cover, the first thing I put down on the bookcase scraped and raised the paint, I could probably peel it all off if I wanted to. I thought to cover with polyurethene to save the top but……….no. Anyway I covered the worst looking area with a pretty fabric scarf that fits in nicely with my colors and you can hardly see the mess I made. I also painted a black bedside table and it looks kind of cool with the black spots but I had to cover the top of it because the sewing machine scraped the paint off when I moved it, no worries! Thanks to Robert for ‘helping’ me put this bedside table with a drawer that I’ll use for my brushes and paints. Okay true, he put it together while I held in place the parts


I am more physically alone now than I have ever been , except for some time spent in El Real, but I’m not lonely, in fact I feel more at home with myself now than ever. It may be because I see so many things I ‘need’ to do, is my busi-ness keeping me falsely contented, will I crash and fall when my projects are completed? NAH I have a selfish contentedness, happy when I have a day all to myself without interruption, yet happy to see a friends face now and then. This really is my happy place.

I am deeper in debt than I have ever been (thanks again to GIGI and Babe) I don’t even care. It will be okay. I’ll figure it out, get a job? No way, I am retired X 2 and not interested in working for money (though I wouldn’t mind selling some stuff) at this time in my life, fortunately I don’t need to, if I remember the difference between wants and needs I’ll get along just fine, better than fine

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