Sipping beer in a wine glass

While difficult to achieve, minor elegance is essential when living in a 22 ft box on wheels

Just because I live in a trailer………. excuse me, an RV

don’t mean I don’t got class!

My addiction to cloth napkins and breakable dishes are my ways to maintain my style.

My rig is small, cramped, old, unassuming and cute, a class C, my GIGi is in a class by herself. We are one classy duo.

I suppose you know that painting cheap bookcases and put-together furniture doesn’t -don’t, won’t (?) take paint and now I do too. They may take paint with ‘paint on anything’ spray paints, but can you imagine the mess if I spray painted in here! Already made that mess in my bathroom and had to spend some time cleaning up a pink over spill spray into the shower…pink??

After painting my cabinets red with 3 coats to cover, the first thing I put down on the bookcase scraped and raised the paint, I could probably peel it all off if I wanted to. I thought to cover with polyurethene to save the top but……….no. Anyway I covered the worst looking area with a pretty fabric scarf that fits in nicely with my colors and you can hardly see the mess I made. I also painted a black bedside table and it looks kind of cool with the black spots but I had to cover the top of it because the sewing machine scraped the paint off when I moved it, no worries! Thanks to Robert for ‘helping’ me put this bedside table with a drawer that I’ll use for my brushes and paints. Okay true, he put it together while I held in place the parts


I am more physically alone now than I have ever been , except for some time spent in El Real, but I’m not lonely, in fact I feel more at home with myself now than ever. It may be because I see so many things I ‘need’ to do, is my busi-ness keeping me falsely contented, will I crash and fall when my projects are completed? NAH I have a selfish contentedness, happy when I have a day all to myself without interruption, yet happy to see a friends face now and then. This really is my happy place.

I am deeper in debt than I have ever been (thanks again to GIGI and Babe) I don’t even care. It will be okay. I’ll figure it out, get a job? No way, I am retired X 2 and not interested in working for money (though I wouldn’t mind selling some stuff) at this time in my life, fortunately I don’t need to, if I remember the difference between wants and needs I’ll get along just fine, better than fine


It’s Sunday and I haven’t written all week!

Today I’ve been working on my tiny bathroom all day, I’ve painted it twice, once red and hated it, so I painted it white but still I don’t like it, what to do? I think I’ll add more tiles. I’ve already tiled one bath room wall to hide a wretched wall, this wall looks like cardboard, I’m wondering if it will even hold the tiles. In the tiny, barely adequate shower, the corners are loose and need something to hold it together. A bead of that whatshamecallit stuff might be better than the tape and adhesive I tried to use.

Why is this tiny space giving me so much trouble?

Have I said this is a old RV? 1991 Sorry GiGi, I love you anyway!


I added the new “luxury tiles stick and peel ” that have been on the floor without being stuck for months, they are the same style (boring) that were on the floor before (why did I buy these ?) but I had trouble with the corners and irregular areas, they don’t look any better than what was there before. It took one and one half tiles to cover the whole floor! Did I say tiny?

I’ll take photos in the morning, it’s too dark now because I haven’t been able to put new light bulbs in place in the bathroom, both bulbs went out at the same time, now I’m in the dark. Does that sound right? Both just went out? Could it be a fuse? I hope not, the power center is on the floor under the oven and I have to get down on my belly to see and I don’t really know what I’m looking for when I look there. Though I did change a fuse successfully there once. The other coach lights work

I am tired.


I painted the shower and scrubbed the shower mat (of pink paint that I accidently sprayed there before, it was bad idea,) I need another can of white paint, seems I never have enough of what I need and too much of what I decide I don’t want. The touch up green paint that I bought is too white will not work for the needed touch ups, maybe I can use it for around the fridge cabinets where I have added tiles. Tiles have saved the day for me before.

I invited a friend to a glass of wine and she said she didn’t Need it?

I don’t Need it either!

I like a glass of wine in the evening. I bought this ‘box of wine’ to keep in my fridge, it doesn’t fit upright in my fridge, so that I can’t open the spigit to pour it right from the fridge, I have to remove it from the fridge and put it on the counter to serve it.

I probably looked like a wino with this sitting on my counter.

Oh well.

Tomorrow I’ll undo the damage I did today. Like I did today for what I did yesterday. It’s endless! Despite it all, I love my tiny space.


Or maybe I’ll sew.