in turmoil and feelin’testy

Every day a new mini-crisis. that’s life in an old RV, (actually people say with even a new RV you can expect problems). I should just expect it so then I’m not disappointed when the hot water heater isn’t heating. I had hoped that the wind had somehow blown out the pilot light, this has happened before, the winds here are brutal. Every time I have to re-light it I have misgivings and takes several tries. Didn’t work this pm so no hot water. I’ll try again in the morning and hope it gets lit and I don’t have a bigger problem, like it’s worn out and needs to be replaced, it is one of the few things I haven’t replaced yet.

I have no light in the bathroom, both lights went out at the same time and replacing the bulbs hasn’t worked, so I got down on the floor on my belly with my magnifying glass to check the fuses and found that when I pressed on the fuses one of them showed a red light, it was accidental that I found pressing on the fuses as a way to determine the fuse was dead, I had no indication without pressing that anything was wrong, I took that to mean it is burnt out so with my bayonet I pulled it out of it’s place and tried to replace it with the another 15 v fuse, I lack the skill to easily replace the fuse, took me some time to get it in place where it needed to go, and ………lights still out. So now I wonder what goes with the fuse that I changed?? And did it need changing? Was I wrong?

I guess I’ll google it, that’s how I learned how to use the caulk gun in the shower. One wall in the shower seems to be made of cardboard and it is torn. I wanted to try to fix it, I have a caulk gun. I should have u-tubed directions before I started but after works too, you just make a bigger mess. I had a big sticky mess but you can see how delicate my caulk looks on my white wall. I guess I’ll paint over it tomorrow, should be dry by then!

It’s these silly problems that keep me entertained, that and spelling.

The tote that I ordered from zazzle is here. I like it, it’s huge and very well made. I’ll use it at the farmers market next week in Tor C t

2 thoughts on “in turmoil and feelin’testy

  1. I love the tote, sorry about all the other problems.
    Maybe someone on your blog can give you some ideas.
    Do you have a book on your t.v.?
    Are you feeling better?

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